THE ALIENS – A Narrative Feature Film starring Byron Yee and Stephanie Arcila

JACOB waits every Saturday night in the Mojave Desert, believing that he will be visited by extra-terrestrials. One night, a Mexican coyv bote guide, MARIA, limps into his campsite while leading illegals across the desert. Jacob gives the injured Maria a ride back to Los Angeles the next morning and drops her off, never to see her again.

But Maria visits Jacob on her next trip across the desert and an unlikely friendship develops. As Jacob stops looking up into the skies and instead looks across the desert horizon, he must decide whether to keep believing in the aliens above he has never met or to pursue the mysterious Maria who appears to him at his campsite.

Starring: Byron Yee, Stephanie Arcila, Mauricio Zatarain, Anne Marie Scheffler, Mike Gomez, Christopher Meehan, Braxton Davis, Nanrisa Lee, Ken Takemoto, Josh Kelling, Damian Vega, Jim Jepson, Sonny Dominguez and Castulo Guerra.

Written, Produced and Directed by Byron Yee

Co Producer and Director of Photography Kerim Duran

Edited by Ambika Leigh

Music by AJ Churchill