No habla Espanol and yet I wrote 15% of my movie in Spanish

Yeah, I’m an idiot. I had one semester of French at Hefner Jr High in Oklahoma City. At Putnam City High School I took German. All I remember from that class is that our teacher, Frau Schneider was single and drove a Fiero or some car like that. I really don’t understand Spanish at all other than “Ola”, “Gracias” and some of normal curse words. “Puta”, right?

So when I got inspired to write THE ALIENS, I ended up writing a significant amount of the movie in English without the direct Spanish translation. I left it up to my actors to deliver the intent of what I had written.

For the most part it worked out. But then I had to subtitle this back in Spanish and now I have no idea if what I wrote in English that was spoken in Spanish and now back to English will work.

The entire dialogue of the film is in English in nearly 1100 rows of a Google spreadsheet.  Why, you might ask?

I want to have some control over the foreign subtitles which I will burn in until I can figure out how to create the pop up subtitles.

I was doing this manually through until I thought, maybe there’s a Google spreadsheet formula. Turns out there is. So if you want the ability to do a quick translation of your film, use this formula.

=GoogleTranslate(A2, “en”, “es”)

You copy that down the cells, then copy and paste values to a different column and you’ll have a quick, if not entirely accurate rough translation of the film. Then you can have someone who actually knows the language to make adjustments.

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