About Byron Yee

I was born in Wichita KS but mostly grew up in Oklahoma City OK. In my late 20’s, I moved to San Francisco to pursue my dream of being a stand up comedian.

It was one of the most important and gratifying times of my life. Within a relatively short time, I was playing the Punch Line San Francisco where I was able to find my artistic voice.

Being on stage doing comedy was the easy part. The tough part was everything that it took to get to the stage.  Stand up is a very tough game and I found myself wanting to do more artistically. So I took another leap and I developed the autobiographical one man show.

What did I get myself into? It’s amazing what you can do with ego and naivety.

My solo show “Paper Son” became my next grand pursuit. I developed it primarily through the Canadian Fringe circuit and it literally succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

But creatively, I had to do more. So I came down to big, bad LA to try and “make it”. It has been the proverbial roller coaster.

I helped my friends out on a film and the next thing you know, I’m one of the Executive Producers of “Bellflower” which premiered at Sundance 2011. It went onto worldwide distribution, two Independent Spirit Award nominations, and ended up on the Best Films of the Year lists of the Hollywood Reporter, the New Yorker, and the Associated Press.

My friends at Coatwolf taught me that I had no excuses, I had to go out and make my own film with whatever resources I had.  So I did.

After many, many years, my film “THE ALIENS” is completed and I’m attempting to get it out into the world.

Coming soon to a (small) sceen near your. Hopefully.